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Causes $5 billion in Us property damage per year

A termite’s (Isoptera) only purpose is to break down wood materials and plants. While this is beneficial to the forest, these light-colored, semi-translucent insects cause $5 billion in US property damage per year.


Prevention is the best way to combat these destructive pests by eliminating moisture in and around the home. This can be achieved by proper ventilation in your house, trimming hedges and vegetation to clear blocked vents, and installing downspouts correctly to ensure they are away from the foundation of your home. If an infestation has already occurred, a professional termite service expert is the only way to eliminate the colony.


The facts on Termites

Every year, more than 5 million homes in the United States are damaged by termites. The estimated cost to homeowners each year is a staggering $5 billion. That’s more than the cost of tornadoes, fires and earthquakes combined. And termite damage is rarely covered by

homeowner’s insurance policies.

Invisible Infestation

Hundreds of thousands — sometimes even millions — of termites may be in your home right now, or lurking outside, ready to attack. The leader of the colony is the Queen. Her workers are tasked with keeping her fed. Soldiers protect her. Swarming reproductives ensure her legacy by starting new colonies.

Relentless foe

Termites never stop feeding. They never stop seeking new sources of wood. It can be stumps, fallen trees or your home. The reality with termites is that you seldom realize they are present until the colony has become either so large that damage becomes obvious, or winged “swarmers” expose the colony’s presence as they fly out to establish new colonies.


Liquid barrier requires trenching and drilling around the perimeter of the building and injecting termiticide into the soil.

Sentricon “Always Active” Bait System installs active bait stations around the perimeter of the building providing a treated bait to reduce colony activity at the source. Once the queen is gone, the colony will die.


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