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 The most common of nuisances

The house fly (Musca domestica) is worldwide in its distribution, and accounts for about 91% of all flies in human habitations. An adult house fly is roughly 3-6 mm long, and dull gray in color with pale abdominal sides and four narrow black longitudinal stripes running down its thorax. Adults are general feeders and are attracted to nearly anything moist and decaying such as food products, garbage and excrement.


In addition to being one of the most common nuisances, house flies are associated with more than 100 disease-causing organisms. Sanitation, or source reduction, is the most important step in house fly control as it eliminates larval breeding sites. This includes proper storage of food, disposal of trash, and management of stables, kennels, and poultry houses. Further steps including mechanical control and insecticide are recommended for abundant adult populations.

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