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Found in cool damp locations

The camel cricket (Rhaphidophoridae), also known as stone or cave crickets, is roughly 25.4-38.1 mm long and garners the name from its hump-backed, wingless thorax. The species color varies from light to dark brown with dark banding of certain segments. Unlike most other crickets, camel crickets do not chirp.


This species of cricket is nocturnal, and is commonly found in cool damp locations such as rotting logs, stacks of firewood, basements, and garages. Camel Crickets are of little importance and can damage garments and linens stored in garages or basements. It is best to eradicate any outdoor harborages to avoid these pests getting into your home. Likewise, keeping indoor areas dry through proper ventilation and sealing any gaps help to eliminate unwanted Camel Crickets intrusion too.


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