New York and New Jersey Bird Control

Bird Pressure Damage


Bird Pressure Damages Property

Bird “pressure” is a measure of how hard birds will fight to regain their territory—in other words, how much pressure they will exert on efforts to control them at a certain site. Understanding bird pressure is crucial to selecting the proper control product.

High Pressure: A high pressure site is one that a flock is very committed to; chances are that the birds were born on this site and have roosted there for their entire lives.

Medium Pressure: Birds are a little less committed to this type of a site. This might be an area that overlooks a dumpster or other food source, but not a place that birds roost or nest.

Light Pressure: This is a take-it- or-leave-it type of a site. The absence of food or shelter makes it a good daytime loafing site, little more.


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