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At Bird Doctor we pride ourselves on using the latest technology and providing the highest level of service with our humane bird control solutions. Bird Doctor Nationwide provides 24-hour emergency service as well as night and weekend services to accommodate our clients’ schedules and needs. The Bird Doctor Nationwide’s certified inspectors are well-versed in the proper evaluation of many types of bird species related-problems. Your Bird Doctor inspector will offer a detailed, written evaluation, using our IPM System (Integrated Pest Management), to fit your specific needs.


IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pest birds and their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control and common-sense strategies to reduce sources of food, water, and shelter for pest birds at your home or business. The professionals at Bird Doctor Nationwide understand how certain construction features provide convenient roosting and nesting areas. Bird Doctor will work with you to protect the historic status and aesthetic integrity of the structure, while ensuring that birds are kept away. Our experts work along with architects, building owners, and project managers to create effective deterrent solutions. Access is often an issue when dealing with pest bird problems. The Bird Doctor Nationwide Team is recognized as experts in finding a viable access solution when our competitors were unable. For every project there is a unique solution. Our technicians utilize articulating lifts, bosun chairs, swing stage apparatus, Teupen lifts, cranes, scaffolding, specialty equipment, and more to work in hard-to- reach areas. Bird Doctor Nationwide is fully licensed, bonded and insured and we employ installers who are OSHA lift-certified and safety-trained.


Clean and Sanitize
Bird Doctor also offers bird waste removal. This can be a serious issue that compounds over time and can be a health and safety hazard. There are over 60 communicable diseases in bird waste.
Our waste removal team will moisten the accumulation of debris with a disinfectant to keep bacteria from drying and becoming airborne. Debris is double-bagged and removed. The site is power washed and sanitized to complete the cleaning process.

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