Animal Doctor is the wildlife division of Bug Doctor Termite and Pest Control with 24/7 Emergency service. When small outside animals become pests inside your home or business, Animal Doctor offers a range of humane pest control services to handle these unwelcome visitors.

  • We start with a thorough inspection completed by a state-certified inspector.
  • Our Animal Doctor trap will be placed at the access point or entry to your home.
  • When an animal is caught, our staff is standing by ready to service, remove, and if necessary, reset the trap.
  • When all animals are caught, our Animal Doctor technician will remove the trap from your site.
  • Exclusion (preventative) services are available upon request and are recommended. Exclusion is a safe and eco-friendly way of making your home or business as animal proof as possible. We will seal entry points to the building and remove elements that attract pests.
  • Contact an Animal Doctor inspector for more information.

Animal Doctor is able to assist with a variety of animal pests; the most common ones are: